La Herramienta comercial que necesitas

The sales tool
you need

Make the most out of sales visits with the most powerful tablet-based sales catalog on the market.

Comunícate mejor


Sales presence with a tablet and catalog with multimedia elements reinforce the message and improve your image as a modern company.

Ahorra costes


You'll also save costs on publishing catalogs. You'll be able to update products and prices with a simple click at any time.

Gana productividad y tiempo

Gain productivity
and save time

Facilitate sales management and the success of your sales force. Make quotes in real time, organize/report visits and optimize time.

Aprovecha nuestra flexibilidad

Take advantage of our flexibility!!

The CatalogPlayer structure is fully versatile and can be adapted to your company's needs, no matter what size or sector.

Aprovecha nuestra flexibilidad

your sales force

Digital transformation is not an option. Renew your sales team with digital tools and take advantage their potential to achieve an increase of sales.

The business tool for
your sales team...
Make the most out of sales visits: present your products and services interactively, make orders, plan tasks and access all your clients' data, all from your tablet.
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...easily managed
from the Control Panel
The CatalogPlayer platform allows you to create and manage your company's interactive catalogs, in addition to managing the orders, tasks, clients, results,... from your sales team
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